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There have been times during my kids’ school years that I’ve felt I had to defend my priority of wanting them to learn things like kindness, empathy, perseverance, coping skills, mindfulness and compassion before making sure they grasped “everything else” in their educational journey.

And listen — it’s not because I believe the “everything else” knowledge doesn’t matter –I KNOW it does — but in the world we live in today, I want to make sure when they are out there using “everything else” that the platform on which they stand is a strong one.

To me, learning things like
▪️mindfulness to help focus in a chaotic world
▪️empathy to help understand and respect the people around them
▪️kindness when it comes to approaching others
▪️coping skills when life’s circumstances can get overwhelming
▪️entrepreneurial skills to show them the dedication and perseverance it takes to achieve their definition of success

… are all things that I think should be a non-negotiable part of our children’s curriculum.

And friends—

I read a lot of words in my line of work but there are few times I’ve wanted to actually HUG them… and I absolutely want to throw. my. arms around the final quote of a recent article from Remake Learning as part of their Tomorrow campaign because it PERFECTLY conveys how I feel about the importance of social-emotional skill sets as part of my children’s education.

The quote reads:
“This is not another thing on the plate. This is the plate that holds all else. … This is the plate, because we’ve all got to be stable.”
-Kathy Flynn-Somerville

This. Is. The. Plate. THESE CONCEPTS and THESE PROGRAMS are the plate.

Because I know I don’t just want my kids to have the technical skill sets to help them achieve whatever dream they have, I want them to achieve that dream while showing empathy and respect for others along the way.

I know I don’t want my kids growing up and thinking that success will be handed to them, I want them to understand the perseverance it takes to overcome the obstacles to achieve success.

I don’t just want my kids to find happiness in their life and career, I want them to have the tools they need to maintain their physical and mental heath when life’s inevitable obstacles interrupt that happiness.

My kids are fortunate to be in a school that deems these skillsets important, with programs built around them. Kindness is highlighted. Perseverance is talked about. Resilience is a staple word. But I don’t want just my kids and their classmates to be fortunate. ALL learners deserve to have these skill sets highlighted so they can grow with them.

I’m so happy to see Remake Learning’s Tomorrow campaign focus on these skill sets… because all kids deserve a solid plate on which to build their future.

Tomorrow, powered by Remake Learning, calls us to forge a future where each day holds promise for every learner—where youth, families, and educators connect timeless ideas and new ways of learning to prepare for what comes next, no matter what tomorrow might bring. I’m proud to partner with them in helping be a part of the conversation.

Written by Brea Schmidt

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