About Brea

Brea Schmidt is writer, speaker and photographer who aims to add perspective, positivity and authenticity into our discussions about life and motherhood, with the goal to help women and mothers feel less alone in their parenting journey.

Brea is a staff writer for Her View From Home, and has had her writing published on or covered by ABC News, Love What Matters, Babble, PopSUGAR Moms, ForEveryMom, Upworthy, MyLifeSuckers and more. She was also nominated as a Northeast Ohio Parent Hero in the December 2017 issue of Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine.

In addition to hosting a weekly Facebook live on Sundays, Brea has been a featured speaker for a variety of mom-based groups about the importance of self care in our fast-paced world.  Brea and her husband just moved from Cleveland to Pittsburgh in 2018 with their three young children.

A note from Brea:

Hi there!  My name is Brea and I’m so ridiculously grateful you’re here at The Thinking Branch.

I love writing.  I always have.  As a kid it was my way of expressing myself and navigating my emotions.  As an adult, that hasn’t changed.   And while I write for me …  over the last couple of years of sharing some of my scripted thoughts, it’s been an unexpected bonus to realize that it has touched other people as well.  Whether it’s helped a fellow Mom realize she’s not alone in a particular struggle … or helped someone else find perspective in an otherwise seemingly impossible situation…  finding that bridge is why I decided to give life to The Thinking Branch so that it can hopefully be another avenue to help us all connect even more.

My gift of seeing perspective comes from a heartbreaking loss of my dear friend Seth when I was 17.  Seth spent his life pushing the envelope, seeking out adventure, finding ways to make people smile and finding the joy in the littlest moments… as if he knew his life would be short.  I was with him less than an hour before he left this earth… a lesson dealt at an incredibly young age that this life is a gift and isn’t permanent.  That any time spent dwelling on a negative or not mending a bridge is time missing out on experiences.   So every time something negative happens or I have a curve ball hurling at my face … I force myself to find meaning or perspective in it.

Is it easy? Hell no.

Do I find perspective all the time? Absolutely not.

But I owe it to Seth to try. And I know he had a hand in pushing me in this direction to share it when I do.

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I am happily married to my ridiculously amazing and supportive husband of 8 years.   We have three beautiful kids under the age of four.   I am the owner and photographer of Photography by Brea – an entrepreneurial dream of mine come true. I have incredible parents. A best friend that happens to be my sister.  Loyal friends both lifelong and new. An incredible extended family. My “perspective” is that no matter what challenges come along in my life… I’ve got a lot of positive light around me.  And I challenge myself to focus on that instead.

It’s a journey, this life.  And I appreciate you being here to be a part of going through it all together.  But most importantly, I’m hopeful that you find even a small sliver of perspective while you’re here on The Thinking Branch, and that it stays with you when you go…