“Brea is a natural-born encourager. Her energy and passion have the power to ignite a room full of women, propelling each one to look deep within and find the courage to open up and push forward toward their goals. She has a gift for speaking the hard truths in ways that leave her audience feeling empowered, re-energized and full of hope. Her heart for humanity is unmatched, and I have experienced the impact of her message firsthand as I watched her transform the hearts and minds of women all around me, myself included.”
Kendra Barnes (Co-Founder/Writer for Daylight to Dark)

Brea is passionate about spreading the positivity and perspective messages from The Thinking Branch to women and organizations with whom it might be a fit.

Brea aims to speak openly about the joys and struggles of motherhood through sharing her own personal journey to discovering self care, life as a working mother and the social pressures that moms face in our modern-day, social-media-heavy world.

In addition, Brea is passionate about sharing her story and lessons learned as an entrepreneur in the online space and how self care has come to be the most important business tool she has.

If you are interested in having Brea be a speaker at your next event or conference (available locally in Pittsburgh / western Pennsylvania as well as for travel) – OR – to do a live session in your social media group … please reach out to her here.

Speaking Topics:

  • Self Care and Motherhood: Why They Go Hand-in-Hand
  • Self Care As A Business Tool: Why The Other Ones Won’t Work If You Don’t Use Self Care First

“Brea is passionate about making sure women know their worth. She truly believes in the power of a well-cared-for woman and has a heart for helping women better care for themselves so they may go out and better serve others. Brea’s message is valuable for all women, no matter their place in life. Her energy is inspiring, her words are transformative, and she has the ability to encourage every woman to bravely step into whatever role she has personally been designed for.”
— Jenny Albers  (Writer behind A Beautifully Burdened Life by Jenny Albers)

If you are interested in having Brea speak at your next event, please reach out here.

Image Credit: Shaun Jordan