Corporate Wellness Speaker

“Brea was professional, thorough, and passionate. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a keynote speaker with real-life experience, empathy, and a compassionate yet no-nonsense approach to self-care. Brea was able to effectively communicate with about 100 employees in a virtual setting. Not only did she present information in a relatable way, she also grabbed and maintained the audience’s attention by including interactive features that encouraged the audience’s continued engagement.”

— Emily Farah
Chair of EmpowerHer Women’s Business Employee Resource Group – Duquesne Light

Brea Schmidt is a Pittsburgh-based speaker who works with companies and organizations who value the wellness of its employees and members to deliver a message about the importance of self care as we navigate our various personal and professional roles.

Through the same storytelling approach that has created an engaged community of over 120,000 followers across Facebook and Instagram – Brea vulnerably shares her own journey of navigating motherhood, entrepreneurship and mental health with the goal of creating space for others to do the same. She’s passionate about not telling people what to do — but instead encouraging those in an in-person or virtual room to think more deeply about their own journey and how self care and wellness plays a role in it.



Whether it’s a full-company wellness event or an Employee Resource Group (ERG) lunch and learn, Brea works with Human Resources executives, group leaders and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion-focused team members to customize conversations with employees about the real/raw things we navigate as we make work-life choices as WHOLE human beings.

Corporate Wellness / ERG Speaking Topics:

  • Self Care As a Tool For Success

We often hear about the importance of growing your technical skill set in the journey toward achieving career goals while also helping the company for which you work successfully execute its initiatives. That process often includes taking action on strengthening tools like communication skills, time management, leadership, process-building, sales technique, public speaking and more. But how many of us consider personal growth along that path? Because wouldn’t you agree that our mental, physical and emotional wellness as we use those tools impacts our ability to use them at full strength (or worse, keep us from picking them up at all)? In this conversation. we’ll create space to discuss why self care isn’t just a fad but a critical tool for personal and professional development — and help YOU ignore the noise about what self care SHOULD be, and instead define what it is for you.

  • Managing the Motherload: Wellness and The Working Mom

The Thinking Branch is a platform that started in 2016 when Brea Schmidt found a need in the social media community to have a space for moms to interrupt the social media pressure of perfection — and instead connect on the real/raw moments of balancing life and motherhood.

Brea’s approach on her platform is to share stories in a way that doesn’t tell mothers what to do, but instead creates space for conversation and thought about the things that affect us but we don’t often talk about.

In this session, Brea shares her journey of navigating motherhood, entrepreneurship and mental health and encourage conversation about the ways that we as moms can embrace perfection, find our community of support, own our story and live our truth in a world that often wants to keep us from doing all of it. This session isn’t just for moms, but also for alliesewho advocate for, and want to better understand, the mothers in their lives.

  • Building Your Personal and Professional Brand

For the last eleven years as an entrepreneur and six years as the face, voice and storyteller behind the social media platform “The Thinking Branch” – Brea Schmidt has built a company around her own, personal brand while using her experience to help other professionals successfully define, own and share their story. 

In this workshop, Brea will share the good, bad and the ugly of building a brand around her personal story … and help you start the process of defining what your personal and professional brand is, and how you can best use it to create better connections in the workplace, advance your career and recognize additional opportunities to grow.

If you are interested in having Brea speak at your next in-person or virtual corporate event, please reach out here.

“Brea is an authentic powerhouse,

but also has a gentleness that

connects with her audience. “

Michelle Koch, Writer: “One Grateful Girl”