About The Thinking Branch


When I was little… there was a tree that lived alongside the same alley that my home did.

And it had a branch.

It sat just low enough for me to reach, but just high enough to make it fun to climb myself onto.  The rest of the tree’s branches had leaves that hung down so low to the ground that it created a natural little tent inside which no one could see me.

I loved that branch.

That branch was MINE.  It was my space where I went simply because I enjoyed alone time.  It was my space to write in my journal. It was the “safe zone” I could run to when I felt emotionally overloaded or sad.

There, I could be introspective.
There, I could breathe.

As an adult… I came to realize that I didn’t have a branch anymore.  I didn’t have anywhere to go when I needed to disconnect, and I wasn’t making it a priority to find it.

A lot of us struggle with that don’t we?  We get caught up in the chaos of life that we don’t stop to check in with ourselves.  To recognize the happiness and serenity that lives in a slow speed.  To honor our passions outside of our jobs and our parenting roles. To simply disconnect from reality every once in a while, and reconnect with ourselves.

I’ve found my branch again.  It’s in the writing on this blog.

And you know what else?  YOU have a Thinking Branch too.  Maybe it’s over your cup of coffee. Maybe it’s at the yoga studio. Maybe it’s in a pen and a journal.  Maybe it’s an extra couple of minutes to enjoy a sunset at the end of the long day.

I hope this community inspires you to rediscover wherever yours is … and to visit it often.

To find calm in the chaos so you can listen to your own thoughts, goals and dreams.  To honor the passions you have outside of your “roles” in your family and your work  life. To remind yourself that you are worth taking care of.

Because when we do that, we not only fill our own cups – but we have enough to overflow the ones of those around us who we love and care for.

And when we do it TOGETHER… it’s a lot less lonely, and a lot more inspiring… so stay a while and join our community on Facebook and Instagram