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I’ve always acknowledged one particular event as my “bucket list” speaking opportunity. It’s an “I will apply every year until they accept me” mentality to which I’ve committed since the first time I put myself out there as a potential candidate.

I’m currently 0 for 3.

And each year that comes and goes … and the left number stays at a goose egg and the right one increases … I’m not gonna lie, it stings a little.

“Why not me?” I’ll think. ” I know I have it in me, why aren’t they picking me? What am I doing wrong in the way that I describe what I want to talk about? What is it that’s not getting through? If they would JUST give me a shot…”

Last week my business partner Nicole Saville and I launched the Call for Speakers for our October 2020 event The Purposeful Life Summit. As I’ve been reading a few that have been coming in, I can’t help but find it odd that now I’m on the other side of things.

Now I’m the one who is part of making the decision to put someone on the stage.

Now I’m the one who is reading people’s hearts and the knowledge or stories they want to share with our attendees.

Now I am the one who will have to send out the emails letting people know that their proposal wasn’t a fit for this particular event.

And GOSH has it given me perspective.

I have thrown myself some pity parties over rejected speaking applications. I did the “I’m not good enough” stuff. I’ve let some of those negative thoughts keep me from applying to other things.

But as I sit here on this side of things – I am fully aware that Nicole and my choice to put someone on the stage DOES NOT define (or even affect) their value. Our choice IS NOT the “good enough” barometer to which they should be turning to for their self worth. Our decision SHOULD NOT affect their choice to continue to apply.

I sit back now and realized that EACH APPLICATION I submitted was a victory. Getting selected one day? Will be an earned bonus.

But each application has been a chance to learn something. To grow. To show MYSELF that I believe I’m worthy enough to be out there.

And there was purpose in each of those rejections, too… a purpose that I missed in the midst of the pity party.

The rejections showed me that I allowed other people’s decisions about me to affect how I viewed myself. And if I did it over speaker applications, I probably did it in life.

The rejections are a reminder that I’m going to be handed anything. I have to work on it. I have to grow. Get better. Get more experience. I have to get better at crafting my message.

The rejections helped me realize that there’s really a purpose — and a timing — in everything. And I can either choose to believe that, or allow ONE rejection to make me QUESTION my own purpose.

Friends … it is such an honor to watch so many of you put your heart into your submissions. It’s an honor that you see our platform as a place that you want to share yours. We love that you share a passion for wanting to inspire others to uncover their purpose.

And for those of you who are sitting there KNOWING you have something to share… HEARING that inner voice that’s trying to push you to fill out an application while that other one tries to convince you that you’re not “good enough” or “worthy enough” …


Whatever happens, know that you are enough.

Whatever happens, know that it is a victory that you put yourself out there.

Whatever happens, there is SOMEWHERE to share your story, your talents and your passion — whether its with our platform or another one.

Whatever happens, uncover the purpose in the process.

And celebrate the victory along the way.

To learn more about The Purposeful Life Summit and how you can apply to speak .. click HERE. Deadline to apply is February 17, 2020.

Written by Brea Schmidt

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