*Thank you to Sweet Kiddles flexible childcare center for sponsoring this post by letting us try out a couple of days of complimentary summer camp before we make our big move to Pennsylvania.  As always… all words, opinions and perspectives remain my own, friends! *

Summer is HERE.

And figuring out our new summer routine has been an interesting task. Not just for the kids but for ME. As a part-time working mom, it’s no breeze-over that our fully-mastered 9-month schedule has shifted and I now have to figure out how to operate in a new one.

I know you Moms feel me on that!

Specifically, with this being my first summer with a kiddo coming off a consistent 5-day school routine in kindergarten that worked really well for her…  I was unsure of how she’d handle a “no schedule” summer.  While I absolutely want her to be a kid and have lazy summer days playing in the dirt, running through the sprinkler, riding her bike and going on adventures with me… I also knew that I want her to have time to be social and be engaged with other kids her age.

So when I heard about Sweet Kiddles flexible daycare centers summer camp in Avon Lake  … I was intrigued.  As a Mom who has “all over” working hours and doesn’t have a day or week that looks the same…  “flexibility” is a word that always makes me listen.

I had the opportunity to visit Sweet Kiddles with my daughter so she and I could both check it out… but for me specifically to meet the staff and ask some questions about their approach.  I was impressed with the passion for what they do,  the kindness of the teachers, the general vibe in the center and their overall approach to catering to busy families with unpredictable schedules.

Upon getting the thumbs up from my daughter that she liked it… we got her set up for her first day! Upon becoming a Sweet Kiddles member family, you have all of the conveniences of:

  • Having an online portal to check availability and book the “reservation” for the amount of time you plan to be at the center
  • Easy check in at a computer upon entering the facility where you can indicate whether you brought your own lunch or want to purchase from Sweet Kiddles
  • A custom security code to gain access into the center and take your child to their appropriate room (the center is divided up by age)

On the first day, she felt a little nervous and shy simply because it was all new.  But the teachers were incredible in making her feel welcome… and let’s just say by the time I picked her up…  she was disappointed to see me! ha!  In the car she couldn’t tell me fast enough about her trip to the museum,  the new friend she made and the fairy garden craft that she got to work on.  And every pick up from there was about the same… always a new adventure, a new piece of artwork or an activity to tell me about.

The biggest hit according to her?


The spacious indoor play area consisting of hula hoops, playmats, small scooters, hop scotch squares… where they could safely move and play indoors but outside of the classroom.  There was also a playground area, a garden and some open greenspace out back for outdoor play.

The great news for families with kids in summer camp? After initially paying the membership fee … they can DECIDE how many days of camp they send their child to.

Want two days of camp one week… and a full 5-day week the next?  You can do that!

Only want to go for four weeks and not the whole summer?  You only pay for the time you come.

AND… when become a member, you then have access to use the facility’s flexible daycare services for one year (for a couple of hours or a whole day!) for other things like work hours, date night dinner, making time to meet friends for coffee, finally going to that yoga class you’ve been thinking about, or simply to run some kid-free errands.  All those things that, as moms… we often feel guilty about doing … or maybe just can’t seem to figure out how to make it work!

Because in addition to offering summer camp, Sweet Kiddles is a year-round flexible daycare facility (for children ages six weeks to 12 years) that caters to those families who are looking for that “flexibility” in childcare options.

At the end of the day, childcare and summer camp options are SUCH a personal choice for every family.  Each child is different.  Each parent is different.  What works for one family might not be the best fit for the next.

For us? We had an awesome experience at Sweet Kiddles and love what they are doing to help cater to busy families with ever-changing schedules… and were grateful to get to check it out.

For those of you who want to do the same… you can visit their website at http://www.sweetkiddles.com.  And if you decide their childcare or summer camp option is something that works for your family,  they are allowing readers to get 50% off their new family membership at their Avon Lake, Medina, Strongsville and (soon-to-open) Hudson location through August 31, 2018 by mentioning this post in your registration phone call to the center that works for you (new memberships only).

Cheers to summer, friends. However you are spending yours.  Thanks to Sweet Kiddles for being a little part of ours.

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Written by Brea Schmidt

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