You know what… I’m done, you guys.

Because I’m absolutely exhausted.

I am exhausted from how hard it is to keep up with a brain that is constantly taking in information in the form of social media, society, conversations with strangers and random news articles that try to tell me who I should be as a person and a Mom.

So today, I am choosing to be done.

Done with the fears. Done with the insecurities. Done with the I’m-not-good-enoughs. Done with caring about judgement. Done with questioning my motherly instincts. Done playing down my gifts and talents. Done watching other women embrace who they are and wish I had that confidence.

Because I’m fearless. I’m secure. I’m good enough. I embrace that other people will have opinions, and am strong enough to maintain my own. I believe in my motherly instincts. I want to super-soaker my gifts and talents all over the world in front of me. I HAVE the confidence to embrace who I am and let it be seen.


But it’s hard to not let outside influences creep in, isn’t it?

Recently, I’ve realized that out of all of the influences that impact my view of myself…the biggest one is my inner voice.  That inner voice that is constantly making me question myself and pointing out all of the other influences that will do the same.

You might think, “How can an inner voice be an OUTSIDE influence?”

It’s because that voice is not the one I was born with. THAT voice is the one I let take shape and enter the precious space in my mind.

THAT voice is one born of listening to other opinions, taking in media that’s trying to tell me I’m not good enough, and reading articles that tell tell me how to parent. THAT voice that has disregarded the “no trespassing” sign in front of my brain, hopped the fence, put tape on my true inner voice’s mouth and held it hostage.

And the kicker?  I watched it do it… I did nothing about it… and I’ve let it stay there.

It’s become such a constant resident that I’ve forgotten that I am the landlord of the mind it’s living in.  I set the rules. I make the choices.  I can decide to let it stay and trash the place… or to evict it, and let my true, authentic inner voice move back in.

So today I’m CHOOSING.

I’m removing the tape and setting myself free.  And while I know that “other” voice will always be on the horizon, I kind of like it there.  Every time it starts to creep its questioning tentacles closer into my mind, it will be a reminder to let my real voice scream louder and keep it at bay.

Because that space in my mind is precious.  And so am I.

And so are YOU.

And so is that inner voice sitting in a jail cell somewhere in your soul just begging you to use the key and let it out.

Free it, friends.

I know you’re just as tired as I am.  And all of that energy you’ve been looking for has been with you the whole time.  So Free your mind and free yourself.

Free YOU.

It’s time to shine.

Written by Brea Schmidt


  1. Lindsay Stauffer June 30, 2017 at 7:01 pm Reply

    Brea! No words for how much I LOVED this. And I totally needed to hear it today, so thank you.

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